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Our consultants have many years of experience working with very demanding customers.

We offer consultants in the following fields: 

Temp Fill - Is your networking engineer or helpdesk associate going on vacation?  Do you need someone who can step in and take up the slack with minimal hand holding?  We can do this for you!  We can fill in for a day, a week, or longer if needed.  We have associates who can cover your needs and be cost effective for your company as well. 

Helpdesk - Microsoft Office, Microsft Server All versions, Windows 7 -10, Office 365, Clould based backups, Cloud based Anti Virus. just to list a few.  Our Helpdesk Consultants have many years of experience dealing with customers in all levels of an organization.

Networking - Our engineers have worked for some of the largest fortune 500 companies.  They have been there and done that.  When they are deployed to support your network you will be surprised in the minimal amount of time it takes for them to come up to speed on what you currently have and what you want it to become.  They bring with them years of experience in working with all aspects of LAN/WAN networks.  Our engineers have worked with All vesion of Micsoft Server, ,Microsoft Office 365, All Protocols, Local and Cloud based Backups, Network Design, Support and all other tasks associated with running a network on a daily basis.

Network Security - We can provide your company with a security plan that is effective and useful to meet your companies security needs.  We have provided firewall and network security solutions to some of the largest employers in the Columbus and Southern Ohio area.  We are experts at installing and maintaining firewalls such as Check Point Firewall 4.0.  Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you achieve your companies security goals. 

Internet / Intranet - We have designers who can provide project support on a wide range of technologies.  They have worked with HTML, DHTML, JAVA, CGI, Perl, Asp's and so on.  Our designers have also worked with SQL, IIS, Office 365, and more. So, if you need an Intranet or Internet site created or enhanced, we can do it!  

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